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Sperm Donation

Sperm Donation means fertilizing the candidate mother's eggs with the donated sperms via sperm bank and have similar properties as candidate father.

When the couple cannot have their own baby with natural pregnancy and the problem is due to not having any live sperm cells, further analysis like TESA/TESE are done for patient. According to results of these tests supportive medicines are given to patient in order for inducing sperm production and quality. If the result of TESE/TESA is positive and any sperms can be observed, they are used for IVF. However, if the result is negative and no live sperm cells are observed the only option is to have Sperm Donation for pregnancy.

Due to sperm donation not being legal in most countries , Cyprus Dogus IVF Center is serving many sperm donation patients from nearly all over the world. We as Dogus IVF Center is doing all necessary formalities for our patients for providing them the optimal sperms.

Our Dogus IVF Center, has been practicing sperm donation for more than 15 years with the highest success rates and we have thousands of babies who were born via sperm donation, embryo donation and egg donation. We are very proud of being the leading hospital in Cyprus delivering families the miracle babies they dream of with the highest results.

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