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Tandem Siklus



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Sultan baby

ہمارے ڈاکٹروں


Spec. Emb. Fatma Tertemiz (MSc)

Founder and Director

Specialist Embryologyst Fatma Tertemiz (MSc)

 Founder and Director of Dogus Fertility Center

The Director of Dogus Hospital İnfertility Center, Fatma Tertemiz (Specialist Embrologyst) was born in 1980, Famagusta, North Cyprus. She has graduated successfully from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine and Department of Histology & Embryology. Fatma Tertemiz has also worked in Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine as research assistant for 5 years. She has been attending to many of congresses, conferences and courses  to follow the newly developed techniques in her field  . She has many domestic and abroad articles in medical researches and she has been carrying on her workings as the director of Dogus IVF Center for 12 years.  

Op. Gynecologist Dr Sevket Alpturk

Founder and Clinical Director of Dogus Hospital

The founder of our hospital Op. Gynecologist Dr Sevket Alpturk was born in 1959, in Nicosia, North Cyprus. After graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, he was successfully get Operating Specialist Doctor Title from the Department of Women Health & Gynecology & Obstetrics in Ankara. Dr. Sevket Alpturk, has been serving his patients with aiming the best quality, confidence and success with using the best technical developments for more than 30 years. He has been carrying on his workings as Medical Director in Dogus Hospital & Fertility Center on Woman Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Infertility.


Urdu Translator Mr. Zia Ulislam

Our Translator can be reached any time for all enquirers in Urdu language. 

 Tel: 00923475005593

Doğuş ٹیوب بچے سینٹر

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